Let us chat about…. insecurity.

To sham the whole Welfare System, or not? I, obviously am hoping that it is not scrapped.  But it puts me in a different light. My future is not secure and that means my children’s future is up for grabs and debate.

Am I deserving? Entitled? Are my children deserving and entitled because it’s not their fault their parents are remedial? Should my neighbor have to support me? She works a good job. She gets a nice phat child-support check. I’d like to leave her money alone. So who can I pick on? Who can I say “owes it to me” to put their tax dollars in my kids mouths? I see billions upon billions of tax dollars being stolen from the State of Michigan. And that’s only what I read on the news!

I have restructured my home so that it is more representative of my financial standing. Such as- We do not have cable TV, we have magic- jack for phone, and I only purchase basic internet service. Now I have freed myself from the exploitation of cable companies. My children are not consumers in training. I don’t own a car. Therefore, I don’t invest in oil, petroleum, or crooked car insurance. The only legal problems I ever have are when the government puts money laws on my car. I don’t have money. So I get in trouble for that, and it snowballs, and I’m done. This last bout of insurance and licensing tickets has pushed me over the line.

There. I quit driving. Now I have been charged up the batooey until I can’t pay for anything. So forget it. They get nothing. Not even a single license plate fee.

And I get to work my way around it. But we poorest of poor are resourceful! We get THINGS done. We survive without the miracles of modern convenience. For we are American. American means I am free to never give up. If you have half of a gumption, your half way there.