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First, let me apologize for leaving you for a brief time. The battery on my lap-top died.  I’m on another computer, a loaner, if you will. Dear reader, I am assuming the quality of content will not be negatively affected.

Today’s stimulating topic: INDIVIDUAL VS. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Ouch. That’s crappy, huh? Let’s not even get into who’s fault it is. Or worse yet, who should clean up after it?

As Americans we are very protective of our rights as individuals. I should write “Individuals”, because that’ s how precious our existence is to us.  We have made our right to exist a part of our moral fiber. It is the basis of our ethical code. It our primary responsibility to humanity.

You would be spitting in the face of the Divine Creator, as well as the whole Human Program to murder a person. We even refer to to it as “taking a life”. Where did you put it when you took it? How did you you get it out? No matter. It’s considered a theft of the utmost worst sorts. Everything that dead person was ever going to do, or touch, or love, or affect in any way- you, Murderer took it. Society will punish you. It is not permissible to seek revenge. You must allow an authority with higher, or more power than you to deal with it. Anything else would be against the “Law”.

So, morality has been decided. The public, i.e. everyone, should pitch in and pay someone to put their life on the line, and apprehend thieves. There also should be a place for thieves that separates them, thus protects the public, from these unsavory individuals. It is the Social Responsibility of the Government to provide this service. Citizen tax dollars being the collective pool that would support this.

Now, moving on to poverty. This is a capitalist economy. In order for this economy to succeed- we all know the drill. Make it, sell it, use the money to buy something. Within every society, there will inevitably be people who fall outside of the worker arena.There are many shoes to fill, hats to wear, bells to ring…

The Individual Responsibility person says, “Eh, forget ’em. Survival of the fittest!” The Social Responsibility person says, “Actually, it’s survival of the nicest.” I tend to agree with, and find more to prove in the second, altruistic theory.

I don’t understand how it is that of the richest cities in the world, 6 of them are suburbs of Detroit. I tend to think I wouldn’t want to be that wealthy. I can’t imagine living in a million dollar home, and not solve tangible immediate problems. Giving to the Hospital is covered. No one cured any diseases since polio vaccines. Can we move on?

It seems simple to me. Each little gated community, or suburb could adopt a Detroit school district for say, 10 years. For 10 years, 1 percent of each household’s income goes into that Detroit school. By the time it’s done, the graduates are reinvesting their incomes to maintain programs.

Some people consider taxes a type of theft. If my tax dollar goes to someone or something I don’t like, it was stolen. Otherwise, I appreciate not having to be responsible for building a road. I like a country where if everyone chips in just a little, someone will come with a fire engine and put your house out if it catches on fire. I got a dollar for that. And I have dollar that can keep little Johnny from growing up into an alcoholic dishwasher at 45. Then he will have to peddle pills on the side in order to supplement the child-support they take out of his pay-check.

But The Baby-Daddy Drama for yo Mama is the next issue.

Or do we want our privacy? Is it easier to let each have his own bed? and lay on your own covers? that you either bought, made, borrowed, or stole your darn self? It seems that the down side of a Capitalist Society (yes, there has to be one) is that the Capitalist Society must find a way to provide for those who live outside of it. Otherwise it is not successful. It is creepy and inhumane.