Yesterday morning I spoke with a conservative republican. I had an intriguing conversation in which I was presented with a perspective I had never considered. I need those conversations to keep my brain flexible and just porous enough to let another opinion seep in.

The magical comment was, “I wonder if more women leave their husbands, or childrens fathers because they know there will be a welfare system there to support them. ”

That’s what got me thinking. More people should know how crummy your life has to be to where living on welfare would be a step up.

It’s not like, “Uh-oh, sorry kids! I’m bored with daddy. Let’s live on welfare!” Sheesh! I hope more women are leaving wealthy, unfaithful, even though it will mean a staggering life change. I hope more husbands feel secure enough to leave their unfaithful wives, because he will have a fair chance to raise them. I hope more parents have the opportunity to improve their children’s lives, by temporarily changing the living situation; to earn custody based on parental ability versus financial backing. I hope someone finally does away with Friend of the Court! Anyhow, I digress.

My street looks like I’m neighbors with Fred Flintstones because all the houses are copies of each other that are a slightly different color, and the pattern scheme repeats. It’s mid January and the lady across the street hasn’t turned off her Christmas lights yet. It’s because I am a Christian, I can forgive her for this electricity-sucking, seasonal, fax-pas. I will pray that God gives her the common sense to turn the damn things off.

I learned that the “Kill the Poor” perspective was extremist. They protested how there were too many people who needed food-stamps, not that they existed. Most Republicans hated that there were not enough jobs under an Obama Administration, and just more debt. They thought Ron Paul was insane, and that Mitt Romney was condescending. Newt Gingrich was an extremist, so they were probably voting Santorum.

They just didn’t want to encourage people not to try, was what I think their final opinion on the whole ordeal was. But I am trying. Oh, they didn’t mean me, just everyone who was just like me that they didn’t like.

Sleep tight!