Oh Auntie Dearest, witness to Happy Hour at the County Courthouse, is nearly killed by a drunk driver after leaving my house last week. Oh yes, dear reader. A black sedan was swerving all over the road in front of her at about noon.

A bit much Irish in our coffee this morning? Tying one on during the lunch hour? My Auntie said she looked suspiciously like my Facebooking/Bartender/ Prosecuting Attorney. You want to know how she knows what she looks like? Because after following this woman in fear for about 7 miles, she saw her pass through a light ahead of her. As my Auntie wondered if now is the right time to call the cops on a drunk driver, she witnesses her get into an accident with another vehicle.

Hey, you know what? It was all good that she was driving drunk. As long as she has auto insurance, then no one was hurt.