K Sullivan

Purpose of Legislative  Process paper-

February 24, 2012

           These are very strange times indeed to ask about laws and policy making in the US.

            At the present, I voted on a proposition two years ago. The proposition passed by popular vote. The law makers are doing everything in their power to repeal a law that the state citizens voted into effect. What the heck is that?

Or country is at war with a tiny, little third-world country. America has lost twice as many citizens in the war in the Middle East, as were killed in the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. 70% of the country is against a war that congress spends billions a day to support. Americans even voted for a president who promised to end the war and send the troops home, but he lied. What the heck is that?

Laws and policies no longer protect people in the way they are supposed to. It doesn’t matter what the law, or constitution says. It only depends on how a select few decide to interpret and inflict that law.

It’s like the judge who I voted for, who screamed at me in front of my three year old daughter in court. She called me “The entire problem with society today is people like you.” All of this hostility was because I couldn’t afford car insurance one month. The last time I was in court, my aunt and I listened for three hours while the judge released alcoholics all morning. Drunk drivers who left the scene of an accident she called “sweetie”. The men who were drunk when they hit their girlfriends, she told to remember to keep their hands to themselves. Every case involved drinking. Every case she let go without jail time, only a few minimal fines for repeat offenders. But for me? Maximum sentence and once again I was screamed at by a judge, and told that I was the worse problem in today’s society. Drunk driving maximum penalty is 90 days in jail. Driving without insurance is a 1 year in jail. I was savvy enough to hire a court appointed attorney, or else I would have been the only person sent to jail that day. It really aggravated the judge that she couldn’t put me in jail because my attorney had already made arrangements with the prosecuting attorney.

What was the point of having police charge people with drunk driving, trying to keep the roads safer if the judges are only concerned with their own padded pocket-books, and un-do what law officers have done? Laws were not upheld. I want drunk-drivers off the road. The cops did that, and the judge made it worse!

Laws? The legal process? I’m failing to see it protecting citizens right now. We have more of our US citizens locked up right now than at any other point in history. We have more citizens in prison than any other country. President Obama passed another 40,000 laws this last year. The only laws I see coming is more oppression spawned off from the Patriot Act.

I have always been an avid voter. The more I read the news, the more I see where even my vote is irrelevant. Polling boxes and sites are completely corrupt.

   Ron Paul has won delegates from every primary, but you can’t even get the media to be allowed to discuss his existence in the race.

For my letter, I proposed a public transportation service being implemented in the Livingston County area. Pinckney /Howell/Brighton are not even on a Greyhound route. A bus system in this area would connect people to jobs, and services. The greatest need is for the students who live in this area trying to transport ourselves to the many college campuses we live in the middle of but have no access to. I am within 60 miles of at least 7 college and university campuses, but I can’t get to any of them.

My Senator is Joe Hune. He is from Fowlerville. He’s a farm boy who graduated from MSU. My Congress person is Denby. She lives in Hamburg, and that’s right down the street from me. Most of the issues and concerns in this area that are discussed don’t involve me. I am not a property, home, or business owner. Livingston County likes to pretend it doesn’t have poor people. It sweeps them under the rug for a church to deal with.

I am not very hopeful that my policy idea will make it past the “circular file”. I am holding my breath for the era of common sense for the common good to prevail.


So, all in all I feel… ineffective upon society. Even if I went along the proper channels, I would still be invisible to the wall of money that is upholding my constitutional rights for hostage.