The Government will spend $48 billion on the Department of Health and Human Services this year.

Last year Holly wood released only 3 movies that would have been considered decent to watch. The movie industry in Hollywood profited  $69 billion .

I’m peaking and poking. The people I see are trying as hard as they can to do the best they can. I lived underground for so many years. Now I’m seeing- what’s so special about the Grid? Why is it some magical place that all survival takes place on? I wish America really were a Grid. (I think that should be my new prayer) If it were really a grid then everyone would be connected.

Missouri is going to keep getting bludgeoned by natural disasters. In these times of crisis it’s not going to be a “Government Loves You” tasks force to save the day. It could be the grace of your neighbors. I think I know my neighbors well enough that we would keep each other safe in a crisis. At least the lady next door and probably the lady across the street.

I certainly know that they would know to ask me for anything. I’m glad. That’s the kind of person I want to be.

This revolution is not being televised. It’s forming, growing, evolving…If we were a bunch of Real Christians than we would be living in a purely altruistic society.That doesn’t mean a few people work hard to hand out to the rest.

Don’t “They” realize that the only way to receive any sort of cash assistance is to have a job or be in a job training class?

No. “They” have no idea how stupid this feels and is.

It means:  Welfare recipients are sick of handout that don’t even cover living expenses. WE NEED JOBS!

I spent a lot of years working as an advocate for consumers of the mental health system. Most of the people in group homes and mental health hospitals have jobs cleaning government buildings, and other janitorial and cleaning jobs that are  only low enough for illegal immigrants. The State Government has plenty of job opportunities for people who are disabled. But for people who are trying desperately to support themselves and a family? Eh… Not so much.

Why do you think that is?