Here is an unpleasant post. It is not pleasant because it is about suicide. Not mine, not yours. Suicide in poor little, po-duck Pinck-tucky.  It happens altogether too often. The last girl was in 8th grade. There were 2 suicides last year that were Pinckney High School kids, a freind of mine who had recently graduated and 11 overdoses in 5 years. It’s also know as Heroin High now. Yikes.

So, I ask my son who attends New Tech High within Pinckney High School, “Ambrose why do so many kids in Pinck-tucky die of heroin overdoses and suicide?” He claims,”It’s an intellectual vortex around here. There is absolutely nothing for kids to do.” Have I ever mentioned my son is brilliant?

I keep reading articles of places like bowling alleys getting denied building permits for well, who knows. There was protest over the miniature golf course behind Screams, the ice cream shop in Hell. There were protest at the village meetings over a skate park, too. As a matter of fact, I remember donating money to the construction of that skate park that later became the site for the new Rite-Aid. When I got to really thinking about it, I realized that there isn’t even a public basket ball court.