Why is that people who obviously have no social skills are inflicting themselves on the public by putting themselves into positions of public service? I’m speaking about cab drivers. Each one is utterly inept, has never passed map skills in first grade, and considers time to be a Celtic knot-work of variability and time/space loop-holes. The worst part is that it’s all provided for me by an insurance company I’m not paying for. Eek. But the point of the insurance company is to get Mercy to her physical therapy appointments. Now, the cab driver is blaming the insurance company. And the insurance company claims the cab drivers are fucktards. Where would you guess I’m beginning to lean? So, I’m off to be mommy. But I’ll be back to this…

I’ve been blown -off, been blown-up on, blown around like a plastic sack in a dramatic breeze, and even blown away with kindness by cab drivers in the past two weeks. I can’t complain. I am but the poor medicaid chick getting services for free that people who have insurance have to pay for. Why? Because its not Mercy’s fault. The hospitals can fit her in. I pay my taxes, too. So we go to therapy 3 times a week in a wheel chair and really hope and pray that this isn’t that guy that goes Postal-Cab driver on us. Sometimes they just don’t come. Sometimes they just hate you. Weird.

Wish us luck with tomorrow’s endeavors.