Did you know I can’t get ID?

Because I had a balance from my driver responsibility fee. Not because of court fines. I paid all of that on time.

Secretary of State will not issue me legal ID.

I can’t get a job without ID. Because I can’t pay taxes without legal ID.

I don’t even want to drive, but I can’t get a state ID either.

I couldn’t get insurance because I couldn’t renew my drivers license.

Now I have another driver responsibility fee.

I can’t graduate on-line. I can’t get to school, or work.

This is all so dramatic. Should have had insurance.

AND- I’m being sued. I’m being sued because the money a man paid for full coverage insurance on his Cadillac wasn’t enough to cover a $1,897.00 … I don’t know, scratch on the hubcap? He said at the time he and the car were fine. He would like to go. Another motorist called the cops to accident. Thanks, buddy. You should hear the poor representatives from the insurance company when they call to bully me.

“I am a mother of 3, living on welfare, in school full-time, being sued out the bum, and YOU want money, too? If I don’t send it what will you do? Really? Call again? Send more letters? Get a real job!”

I have them shaken now. The phone calls happen less and less. I think they have the newbies call me now as a test run.

In the background I hear life insurance company’s racketeering citizens. ALTHOUGH…

I just got a bill in the mail from U of M hospital. I have a balance of $18 for Mercy’s surgery. The $18 is actually for meals I ordered to the room three times.  The surgery and hospital stay came to over $65,000.  Mercy had a Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy, 2 weeks of inpatient hospital stay, physical and occupational therapy, her wheelchair, the whole kit and caboodle. My bill? $18.

God bless America.