I have noticed that the people are using their power. The power of the people is a mighty thing. I, in my optimistic fashion, believe in people. I mean this as a unit. Usually we feel that “A person is smart. People are stupid.” I am saying that the people are smarter than they used to be. We are very connected now. Our social fiber is woven tight-knit this century. As my friend Tanya put it, “It is the time for transparency”. And she’s right. We are seeing more of what those &*^%$ in Washington are doing.

Journalist are divided. There are the real writers who are printing everything we really want to know. There are thousands of writers who are publishing articles, blogs, even facebook posts that are infiltrating the blanket of ignorance that has been smothering us for so long. And there are glorified advertising agents that call themselves journalist. You know who you are. Writing big articles placed next to company products…

Monsanto is on the verge of kissing it’s butt goodby. European nations have already begun to boycott their food and seeds and Round-up poison. The country of Iceland is kicking out the Federal Reserve and is suing their bankers for fucking their economy and all it’s citizens. They are suing the banks for Market Manipulation, and they’re not going to take it. Venezuela has kicked out the World Bank and now their economy is recovering to a profit again. You’ll also see where some media jerks will write about Venezuela being a terrorist state. Only if your trying to terrorize the terrorist.

But we know. WE change things. All kinds of things. Now that democracy has taken hold in the Capitalist- Consumer division, lets really shake it up and effect congress. Congress is being run by rich people who own huge companies. Are you rich with a big company? Me either. So congress is passing laws to protect guess what? Other rich people with companies. Obama passed 40,000 new laws last year. We’ve locked up more people than any other “free nation”. Everyone knows it. Let’s not accept it. Let’s use our power. I wonder if we can wrangle in some poor broke-ass blokes to run for office. Maybe we’ll post wage earnings and then decree “may the brokest person win!”

You know, just sayin’. Whatcha think? Can we do it? Will we do it?