This seems important somehow

Kayla's Welfare

Hello my happy readers. I have an impulsive, yet mankind enlightening, epiphany which is my new found mission from God. I have recently been exposed to people from our history who were Bad-ass Bitches at fighting the exact same social wars, corporate wars, and elitist government issues that we currently are. It is more than uncanny. It’s a crystal ball that shows us our past, and we are the future trapped inside of it.

These people were smart, as we are smart.

Determined, as were are determined.

They had a lot to lose, and do we.

Julia Ward Howe was a heck of a role model. We need more good role models. The next few post are going to be about people who are fascinating and were highly influential for their time.

How does this relate to being on welfare and living in poverty? Because we need role models, too…

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