Oh reader true and sage, pray aid me in this moral toil. I have been twirling these concepts, these ethical lines around and around me until my re-arranged brain is all in a tangle. The topic was children’s television programming. Her analysis included how the main character would always use a magic backpack, or a wand, or a spell, or a wish, or magical creature to solve all their problems. She noticed how there was always some force outside force doing the work for them. They never had to rely on their own personal effort. She then mentioned that every scenario involved a team effort. No one ever did their own work. Each team has a brainy person who is stuck doing the hardest part, then in the end everyone takes the credit. She continued to include how this was true in school , too. Kids were taught to do projects as a team. That always meant that someone did the bulk of the work while everyone else screws around and gets the same grade as the person who did all the work. Here is the kick in the balls- for me: Her conclusion was that this was a brainwashing maneuver for a Communist/Socialist government take-over.

Am I missing something?