A strange new world I have awoken to. The first thing I heard is random, angry threats, from my fiance. Echoing all about my weathered skull is the drama of yesterday’s reaction to my post. (Sorry, I deleted it to protect my Boss’ bum)

I was mad. I was in a hurry. It was an accident?

Another website was posting lies and slander about my boss. As soon as we said a word in defense my boss was crucified. The site feels justified in protecting itself from little little old ladies who publish children’s books in a town so small it’s officially a Village. (no freaking out, just keep reading) That’s fine. They don’t know us. People are trying to be aware of all the dangerous scams. My boss, and some of our authors have experience with that. That was the point of Wynwidyn Press- to be a publishing company that shows Real Love to it’s authors. We were built to cherish the craft of writing. Wynwidyn worships the Word Smith, the Illustrator, the Photographer, and the Designer, and all the vision and inspiration melded together into one big Creative Masterpiece Pie. The way our self-publishing house works, you may pay for your own books, but you keep the largest part of royalties. And we can super-help, with super-promotions. Integrity was our theme.

I dropped the ball. I dropped the ball and it landed on the  Robin’s head. Nothing burns worse than hurting someone you love. I wrote in angst, as writer’s often do. I saved it as a draft, because although it was a creative rant it was expletive. But somehow I accidentally did post it. I discovered that people are stalking me on-line and my face- no matter how gritty and raunchy, is also Wynwidyn’s face. I can’t imagine that. I’m a different kind of writer than Robin. I’m not elegant or graceful at all. I am another version of what is also real.

I’m also not hired by a larger publishing company to troll small self-publishers to push business their way. We’re not located out of UK, or anywhere in Europe. We are in a village so small most people in Michigan haven’t heard of Pinckney. And that is perfect. Because there is a lot of latent talent in the outskirts of the big city; and we need access to good, honest, publishers.

Wynwidyn Press exist to be a personal publishing company experience. Your book is your baby. So you don’t just take it to any daycare. Unfortunately, all opinions are opinions. I also double check out negative reviews too. It’s more often sour grapes and bad apples than whatever the anonymous person is harping about.

But sometimes it’s not. Transparency on the internet is a good thing. It allows access to a plethora of data that otherwise we would never know exist.

I’m trying to be a good Wynwidyn face. If you come into the office I’m super professional and sweet. If you’ve met me you know I’m “Good People”. But what if you never met me? What do I appear as if you are a cold, distant, 21 year old Belgian Law Student who writes Gothic romance novels? Not very good, I’m afraid.

2 things about me

  1. I’ll do anything for you
  2. I’ll say anything to you

How does this relate to librarians and distributors? I’ve been received with open arms and smiles by everyone I’ve encountered. Except that one web-site…

I’m sorry I offended you. We don’t answer your questions because we don’t want to perpetuate a debate and the more times that discussion posts gets hits, the worse it is for our company. We’ve been open nearly a month. And we have a lot of wonderful authors to work with. Once people started “high-fiving” each other over petty slights I knew I’d never win there. That’s okay, because whether they believe it or not, I learned my lessons.

Robin Moyer is stellar. Just because I cussed on my blog a long time ago before I worked for her shouldn’t reflect on her. Maybe it does, but here is my big, long, formal, apology/excuse for it not to.