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Wowzers! I saw the pictures of the Wynwidyn Press Grand Open House Event this morning. They are super! So many smiles! So many artists! So much baklava & cake!

It feels good to see positive things happening for people who have worked hard for it. Although we’ve only been a company since March, the talent my Boss has attracted is inspiring! Mara McBain is so so smart, and Adriana Noir is like a sister I’ve been waiting to meet. Other authors are nearly done with their books, too. I wish I could crawl inside their heads and pop it out.

We have an author coming in today to discuss publishing. Her book is so beautiful! I can’t wait to publish it so you all can share in her gift.

I’m crossing fingers, saying prayers, lighting candles, that we all can keep surfing this good vibe until we land on the shores of Success.

I kind of like what being small time offers. I kind of like the idea of a Success Story where we end up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, too. It’s a very romantic, inspiring story.

My book is coming together. It is turning into 2 books instead of one big book. Look for These Words Aren’t Beautiful to be out this year. More Balls, Less Chains will be out next. I have gathered a bunch of black and white photos. I have gathered a genius cover artist. I have gathered my wits and my charms, and I am going to DO THIS!

Where there is a will, there is a way! We are Wynwidyn– Hear us roar!