You’ve seen my softer side. Now let’s get back to hardcore issues.

     This blog post is dedicated to a girl I vaguely attended high school with who, for some random reason, had a Facebook post land in my line of sight. No big deal. It was a common opinion.

Consequently, it stuck in my craw. It hurt my feelings. It offended thine sense of sensibilities. I couldn’t let it go. It started out as a slight to my socioeconomic class and snowballed into slanderous rhetoric and colossal, unethical, bigotry.

Then the ironic happened. Why? God’s got jokes. Let me tell you one.

The post was a macro-image with a cation that read:

While I was searching for this to show you I found this one, too:

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     I can feel the desperation and the anger behind statements such as these. Really, I do. On a literal level, morally that would be imbalanced.     Yet, on a personal level, I’m outraged.

     What gets me the most? I can’t afford a cell phone at all. Why? Because I’m so poor while I’m going to college and raising three children on my own, that can’t afford those types of luxuries. Some months I can, but not always. Do I wish everyone worked hard and everyone had plenty to show for it? Yes, I do. But demonizing the poor will not make the middle class appear more noble. They are becoming what we’ve always been, only glorified-  The Working Poor.

     There is a powerful movement to blame the poor for the trials of the middle class. It’s not true. We don’t have your money. The war in Iraq is gulping your money. The banks stole your money. Companies invented themselves for the sole purpose of convincing others to invest their life saving into a lie. That’s who’s to blame. Not some poor lady feeding her bastard children. It’s not the kids fault they are bastards.

     Speaking of fat bastards, I’m sick of hearing the critique over what people buy with their EBT cards. For some reason poor people are only allowed generic canned vegetables, unsweetened cereal, and generic rice. Anything else is an insult to the rest of the working poor. Sometimes, I spend money on baker’s chocolate, or oats, flour, and eggs strictly for making a cake or cookies. Sometimes, I just buy cookies. Why? It’s food. I like food when I eat. Sometimes I buy soda! Why? Because I get thirsty. Water is the same price, but with no deposit.  I even buy clear soda’s or Faygo, but I like to budget those in every now and again.  Suddenly there is a moral finger to point at who deserves to eat what. Ironically what you don’t know is that I spend way less each month than most people because my family doesn’t drink milk, or eat any meat other than chicken breast and ground turkey. It’s healthier and cheaper than beef and pork cuts.

     It’s the same with the story about the guy buying nice steak and paying for it with an EBT card. That’s it. Welfare isn’t a grand life. It’s barely surviving. It’s a socioeconomic disease. It’s a big loser shaped wart on your credit rating. Some people like to feel nice for that one or two days before they go back to their broke ass life. They may have food as an outlet for indulgence. Maybe they are just insufficient at budgeting.

     The point is, I had ‘food stamps’ and no smart phone, or even a cell phone. I was all pissed off at this chicks opinion, and then... God has jokes. My boss gave me an extra cell phone she has lying around. It works, and it saves my butt. Why do I have it? I work. I am a publisher’s apprentice. I stimulate the economy by working for free. After a couple of months, the phone broke the rest of the way, and I had no phone. My boss got me  my own work phone for all the work I do.

     Now I have a smart phone AND

     I also have an EBT card;      a.k.a food stamps,

          I’m a nice lady. I work hard. I thrive and I don’t give up regardless of what life throws at me.

     I get where that girl is coming from because I hear it a lot. But when it’s just an attack, it’s a short-sighted, bigoted place. We all know how glamorous to feel living on welfare. Maybe I’m missing out on something. I’ll just keep working, volunteering, taking classes, and raising my family on a shoe-string. How is that “Hopey-Changey” thing working out for me? She can let me know how that ‘Bitchy-Winey’ thing works out for her.

  post-script:   It took me forever to write this blog, I was so angry. I wrote this 2 months ago. It’s posted and time to press on. Whatcha think?