So I have been told many times I am not the typical Welfare Person. Who is the Typical Welfare Person? I consider myself typical in some ways, unconventional in others. I am unique, just like everybody else. If I lived any other way, my doghouse of cards would come tumbling down. For instance, here is my list of Typical Boring Person qualification

  1. I don’t smoke cigarettes (I can’t afford a habit)
  2. I don’t use non-prescription drugs (I can’t afford a habit)
  3. I don’t buy lotto tickets (I can’t afford a habit)
  4. I only drink on rare occasions (I can’t afford a habit)
  5. I don’t go on vacations (no money is spare money)
  6. I don’t take my kids to the movie theater (no money is spare money)
  7. My kids are not on any sport team (no money is spare money)
  8. I don’t pay a cell phone bill
  9. I never watch a band play, even if it’s my friends, or my favorite.(no money is spare money)
  10. I volunteer 10-15 hours a week at my church
  11. I volunteer 10-24 hours a week helping my friend start her publishing company
  12. I take 4 full time classes at a University
  13. I raise 3 children without help from their father

So no, I’m not getting away with anything special. The government pays me to keep my children out of the poverty cycle, and to keep my old punk ass in school.

I feel more typical than I have ever felt in my life. I don’t feel like societies enemy. So this is my villainous day-

5:30 am-I wake up at and get my 16 year old off to school with the right start.

6:30 Then I write or do homework for an hour

7:30 Then I get my 7 and 9 year old up for breakfast and off to school by 8:30 am.

8:30 am I go to school until 11 or to work until sometime between 12 and 4

when I’m done with that-

I do homework until Ambrose comes home at 2:30, or go grocery shopping, or pay bills, or take kid to a dr. appointment, dishes, laundry, make appointments, do therapy, get forms filled out by Ambrose school then return to caseworker, prepare for inspection

more homework until

Dinner at 4:30 when the little ones come home

5:30 pm Kids homework, chores or studies

6:00- 8:00 pm play with kids, or do schoolprojects

8:00 pm kids shower, clean room

9:00 kids story time/prayers

9:30 kids are out

housework, homework, I usually pass out in front of my computer screen…

BEEP BEEP BEEP! Do it again! One more time! With Feeling!

Something tells me I am very typical.