The poorest in our society need funding for programs that will fix societal problems such as crime, drug abuse, and violence, by raising the poor out of economic depravity. This is a super unpopular opinion in society, especially if you vote conservative or republican. The valid argument is, “The government shouldn’t be paying the poor. Criminals should be locked away. No more wasting tax payer money on funding programs for fucktards1.”

A Sociological method of fixing societies problems would be to mend economic and ethnic stratification. People need solutions. If you want to live in a society without the fucktards, you have to heal them and set them free to influence even more people in a positive way. This is a researched fact. More funding to prison guards is needed for them to do their jobs effectively. They should be role models for the prisoners instead of armed babysitters. If the Government solving people’s problems seems wrong to you, then maybe this will make more sense.

The Government should not fund programs to help the poor. The Government should step aside. The People have this all under control. The People can save society without Government interference. The People have trained and educated several thousand advocates in the Human Services field. The People could all put in just a little bit of money only to pay for their own social enrichment organizations. If everyone gave a few dollars per month, children would be taught to contribute to their society. Children would stop believing that society doesn’t like them because they are poor anyway. Poor parents would be given the proper tools to fix whatever made them act like a fucktard. These children would grow into well-adjusted adults who would be capable of raising socially acclimated children. Prisons would reform criminals, offer jobs instead of crime, and medicate the mentally ill. Seems to me like it would solve that fucktard problem pretty quick.

Wait a minute, isn’t that what we do now? The programs are often Government Programs, or Government funded. Who is the Government? We, the People are. Where does the money come from? Everyone in the country contributes a few dollars each month to helping better society. What happened to the tax money? Who among us would rather spend trillions on blowing up little kids on the other side of the world, than take care of the ones we are destroying slowly here?

That’s what I thought. We are the People. We are the Government. I contribute to my community every day. I love America. To quote my favorite seven-year old, “The more you give, the more you receive.”

1)       Fucktards: persons who work against societal norms because they are not capable of living in a manner that is conducive to cultural expectations. Causes for this condition included economic, racial, gender, and age stratification; disability, and experiences.