Keeping to my theme of being typical and atypical at the same time, I am proud to announce that I am soon to be FINALLY off welfare. I was not kicked off. I did not fail a drug test. I did not exceed any special time limits, or constraints. I simply got fed up with EMU’s exploitation of the education system. I’m taking my ball (skills) and going home. I consider it awesome timing on my part. Interest rates are going to double. Universities have come up with another reason to exploit tuition. That lie they are toting now, is that billions will need to be invested in preventing Chinese hackers from hacking University web sites. Sure. That’s why when I installed Peer-block on my computer, it was a ton of universities that were always trying to spy on me. Coincidence? You decide.

So, contrary to public opinion, living on welfare sucks. I have utilized, not exploited, the opportunity to repair the damage done to my self, ergo, my family. My children are healthy and well adjusted. They were raised by me, not a carousel of daycare’s, latchkey programs and neighbors. They look forward to careers they will have when they grow-up, and not inheriting their mother’s welfare status. Surprised to hear it? Too bad. I have collected my skills, and when I get a job, no a career, that supports my children and I; I will be paying more for everything it takes to live. Thus, stimulating the economy. I will have taxes taken out of my paycheck to support wars I am vehemently against. Just like a real American. The U.S. has spent so much money on the war in Iraq, the government could have provided a higher education for every citizen 58 times over. But that is another person’s rant (my husband).

I never stopped educating myself. I never stopped being published and gaining experience in my field. Jobs I was supposed to have didn’t work out the way I thought it would, but I feel good for the contribution I made so someone else could live financially independent as well.

For those still on welfare- I hope that I am an inspiration and example for lifting ones self out of the lowest economic category. It’s taken me a few years to make up for the damage I let happen. I am utilizing professional medical help to compensate for my diagnosis’. So don’t give me the “but I have to deal with… ” excuse. I have still don’t receive child support for any of my three kids. I have been raising them with a bi-polar with PTSD diagnosis combined with three closed head injuries. But maybe I’m just lucky?

For those looking down on welfare- Here is your example of someone who busted their white ass, and did actually want to support themselves. I never felt like I was getting away with anything. I was just grateful that my children had a safety net. I wanted them out of the public assistance loop. They are about to be. I would much rather feel the pride of a paycheck, then the convenience of a bridge card. I don’t think I’m the only one. I may be unique, but not that unique.

For those who chipped in to make this all possible- My taxes will be your social security, or they may be your kids or grand-kids bridge card, or emergency utility payment some winter. I hope so. I pray that they never need it, but I think I would rather have them just have food than have to break in my house and steal my stuff to buy food.

I survived welfare! I’m nearly there! You’ll survive it to, whether you you are a payer or payee.