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I was close. I was so close I would have blogged about it if I could have made the time to. I was so close to being off the Government Tit, and then I was downsized. So save your breath if you want to give me the whole “Lazy Welfare Queen” speech.

I found a decent job. It wasn’t going to make me rich. Hell, I would have still been earning below the poverty line. I would have been supporting myself for once though. There were health benefits after 90 days, paid vacations and personal days. I would have a “Real Big-Kid Job”. But then, 2 weeks from my 90 days, and $130 short of unemployment: the factory was going to “make neccessary transitions”, and “move in a different direction”. Coincidentally,the day before, I spoke with a visitor who was from an agency that specialized in Personnel Efficiancy. Honestly, I could have been replaced by a call button, but no one in the office felt like they should have to pass out applications,answer their own phones, or receive their own clients/sales reps. I was pleasant and efficient. I worked 9 hours a day with only one 20 minute lunch break where I wasn’t allowed to leave the building. I was also replaced by a call button. Ah well. I guess that’s life in the big city.

Now I know what it means to be a “True American”. I am chock full of big-pharma pills so that society woun’t stress me out anymore. I am aspiring for jobs that numb my brain. I was duped by financial aid and a crooked university out of my BA. My only viable talent, writing, is unappreciated in a country/world that values only fiat currency generators. Sure, my stuff is good enough to be published. Unfortunately, publishing doesn’t happen for free. Even if I was going to go the route of a publishing house, there is always a reading fee. 

I know I’m a “True American” because I’m ANGRY. I’m angry with the government, I’m angry with class warfare. I’m angry with the   child slaughtering drones. I’m angry with Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhist, and Atheist. I’m angry about creation theory teaching my kids that humans and dinosaurs co-existed. I’m angry that evolutionist won’t admit the inconsistancies with carbon dating. I am angry with gender-role conditioning on television. I am angry that prime time can discuss old mens penis‘ like it’s an actual epidemic; but pages of valid news gets whitewashed away everyday.

Perhaps I need more meds?

I once read somewhere that, “If you don’t work for your own dream, you’ll be working for someone else’s”. So I am living the American dream. I’m just not sure whose dream this is.