Today I attended a workshop on interview skills. More specifically, “How to explain why you got fired from your last job at your next interview” skills. I figured it couldn’t hurt. I have an interview tomorrow afternoon. My last job will probably come up. I finally found an answer to two ages old standard interview questions. The first one was, “So, do you have any questions?” My new standard answer/question will be: “How long have you worked here, and why do you stay?” Ha! The tables have turned! The other question that may come up is, “How much were you looking to make an hour?” The new and improved response is, “When you created this position, what did you expect to pay someone to do this job?”. Nice, huh? I’m going with it. There was free Jet’s pizza there. I drank Almond Amaretto cappuccino from a coffee vending machine. I suppose I can check that last thing off my Bucket List now.

My job interview is at Dunkin Donuts. Did I go to college for four years so I could flip donuts and pour coffee from a pump? No. But I do have a car payment that must be made at all cost. I hope my years of experience using Excel and Open Office will come into play here. I doubt it though. I wonder if my knowledge of Anthropology will assist me in customer service. Probably not. I should probably brag about all my years of drinking coffee while managing a cash register. At least then I will seem relevant.

I’m just being sour. A job is a job and really, I just want to be able to be nice and work hard. Apparently those are two things managers are not allowed to do. I’ll try. Maybe he set me up with an interview because there is a position more lofty than counter clerk, or baker.I find out tomorrow.

I did however receive another job offer tonight. This one involved coffee as well, mysteriously. A friend of mine wants to buy a coffee shop for his wife. The only catch is that she doesn’t like coffee and has no idea how to make any coffee drinks. He wants to hire me to run it while his wife does the bookkeeping. I can even have my own open-mic nights! In an ideal situation, I can work at Dunkin until my friends buys this coffee shop. I’m assuming that by the time all that happens, the hospital will call and want me to start working for $15 an hour. I am nervous about working for friends, but he and I are more like siblings than friends so I’m sure we’ll fight about it mercilessly before we come to the conclusion that it was the other persons terrible idea to begin with.

Tonight my guy is at working 3rd shift. My son will be at a midnight Magic Card game. My daughters are spending the night with the little girl across the street. So it’s me and my lap top. I think I’m going to bum a big nappy cappuccino off of my old man and type until my fingertips are raw. My zen.