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I took a chance and I’m glad I did, The Dunkin Donuts I bought coffee from when I worked at Starvation Army had a Help Wanted sign up. I grabbed an app for Sean. A few days later I discovered I was not the Starvation Army’s idea of Management Material. The following Monday Sean got a job somewhere else anyway. Of course he did. Tuesday was my pity party plunder day. I dropped off an application, resume, and cover letter to Dunkin Donuts like a good little job seeker. The Manager said he would call me for an interview. Low and behold- he did! The interview was today and I nailed it like a cross.

The biggest concern for me was being underemployed. Fortunately, every once in a while things work out in the best way for me. This was one of those times. I knew that my resume chock full of administrative, technical, and healthcare experience and education would seem suspicious. Naturally, the Powers That Be Managers were curious. Actually, they were glad to see a resume like mine come in. A whole new crew of young kids had just been hired in this wave of applications. Someone with experience who wasn’t afraid of hard work needed to keep all these youngsters in line. They needed someone who was mature, but still energetic. They needed a dynamic personality with a brain as sharp as a bankers tack. They needed me. I was there. Now, I am a part of the ever growing Dunkin Donuts Dynasty.

As long as people need coffee and a morning pastry- I’ll have a square job hole for my square peg self.