Call them out for what the are, but  NEVER let them win.



Don’t just live

in our head.

They are in our house

not just under the bed.


They sleep next to us.

They know our name.

They have fists, not claws,

but it feels just the same.


With forked tongues and fangs

they’ll hiss and they’ll chew

in your face, on your soul

because that’s what they do.


I kept my alive.

I fed it my heart.

I fed it until

it ripped me apart.


The monster went free.

I hid under the bed.

I believed every lie

that damn monster said.


Then I was saved

with Love’s good grace.

He reached down from Heaven

and kissed my scarred face.


I gave God my life.

He allowed me to savor it.

I no longer fear monsters.

I know I’m God’s favorite.



~Kayla Sullivan 2/24/14