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cropped-coffee_art_66.jpgLet the adventure begin! My introduction to a Dunkin career was to watch a 20 minute video about what it means to work for Dunkin Donuts. Then I spent the next hour watching a bunch of :30 – 2:34 video’s on how to make coffee by pushing buttons on a machine. I guess I’m old fashioned. Oh well. I shouldn’t complain because the job may be too easy. Everyone there does seem pretty young. Another employee was wearing a pink work shirt because he wanted to celebrate the movie Mean Girls 10th Anniversary. Do people actually do that?

It appears that almost everyone is a little pierced. I put my nose ring and tragus rings back in. I died my hair a rather vibrant, yet violent shade of red that almost looks fuchsia. This must be what being ‘over it’ looks like.

The uniform is blue jeans, and a white polo shirt until my Detroit Tiger shirt comes in. The shirt is pretty cool. It is either pink or navy blue (my pick) with an Old English D on the front. I will wear my brown visor like I’m a boss, and I bet you never knew how hard I can rock a brown apron! If I incorporate this gig into my latest lifetime goal/dream, I can use this experience toward getting a loan to open my own coffee shop someday! The Deviant Poets Society will be reformed and renewed! Anything is possible when you are Kayla. Just ask my kids. They would love to tell you how amazing I am!

Meanwhile, poor Seany is wishing there were an appropriate time to sleep. Late nights he works, early morning is the Grrlz school, and by the afternoon he has drank too much coffee trying to stay awake to finally be able to go to sleep. Living the Dream? We finally both have jobs. We are not only blessed with kids, but have had the privilege of home schooling them. I am grateful to have my own home and my own bed to sleep in EVERY DAY. Because I remember when I didn’t have one.

Blue jeans- I didn’t own any. The only pants I have are the pants I have bought for my last job. Lexapro blew my body weight into a third trimester pregnancy category. AH! Jeans? Aw, Hell no. Not until I’ve completed my coffee-binge diet for a few more weeks. Normally I would have shopped at Salvation Army for my emergency clothes needs. These days I am a bit too bitter to subscribe to that. So I checked out the Tanger Outlet Mall. Everything is wicked on-sale because it’s between seasons. I went to nearly every store trying to find the just right thing. That would be jeans that are not making me look too big, but do not look too small for me, and the price would be just right. The very last store in my circle around the mall was Rue 21. They hooked a shortie up! I found perfect jeans for $5- so I bought two pair! The only store I could find a white polo was in The Gap in the men section. I was starving by the time I finished. Like a good girl, I stuck to my diet and smoked a cigarette instead of driving through Arby’s.

Ah! The sweet life!