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I no longer will be slinging the donuts. I am no longer going to chap the back of my hands scraping ice cream. I am going to work a job befitting of my age.  I left Dunkin Donuts on a positive note. I left confidently, and honorably.  I left with my manager’s respect. I am now driven. I am now capable. I am repairable and a hard worker.  I know what my standards are. I know what I am worth, and what I am not.

I am free. I feel as if my whole life is on the other side of a door waiting for me to embrace it. What I learned from my last job, was that I need to be me. Working within the office ambiance I forced myself to become a mild-mannered version of what I thought the professional world wanted to see. I took out all of my piercings, and I wore colors I would have never worn before on purpose. Blasphemous shades of pastels, earth tones. At Dunkin I was able to put my tragus piercings and nose ring back in. I dyed my hair a beyond natural color. I laughed loud. I hummed little  indie tunes to myself.

Ironically, letting my inner punk-rock girl show through made my demeanor illuminate in a more mature light. I was acting my age not anyone else. I felt more confident because I didn’t have to worry that someone might discover who I really was. Sub-consciously, I can’t stand people not knowing who I truly am under the uniform.

I am subculture. I am very educated. I am talented. I am experienced in areas too numerous to enumerate. I am witty and creative. I am indestructible. My personality is accessible and open-minded to a myriad of life-styles.

I, am totally ready for this next gig.