Last week, I sat down in front of my computer ready to attack the ever streaming list of job offers pouring into my gmail box. I notice one that tells me I need to confirm an interview at 11:00 am the next day in Livonia. The position is for a Medical Insurance Verification Operator.

“Go for it.” is what I tell myself. I sent a confirmation reply.

The next day I drive for an hour to sit in a crowded stuffy room. There is an idol of Lord Ganesh on the table next to were I sat down. One at a time we are shuffled through a three minute interview, and then in groups of three for a three question test. I am told I will receive an e-mail if I am accepted for training.

Within a couple of hours I receive a phone call telling me to come back to the office for training. I am requested to come back the next day for more training. The training involves verifying thousands of insurance policies. It’s cool, because I am certified for Medical Insurance Billing type of work. It is uncool because it is only going to pay $8.00 an hour.

I just resigned from my last job because it only paid $8.00 an hour; and it was 45 minutes closer!

Now I am at a crux. My guts are tugging at me again. I need to explore and persue my career as a writer. I need to start applying for jobs at companies that I actually want to work for. Every position will lose me, if I don’t lose them first, because I don’t fit in many places. I just am an odd ball. I am a smart, hardworking, pleasant, and creative worker. I am also… different.

I’ve had stable arrows pointing me to different ways I could make money as a writer. My support team at home is willing to let me dive head long into the ocean of written communication.

I’ve been off my meds for a few months now.