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What I want:

  1. I want a career that is focused on the manufacturing of words.
    1. Polish portfolio as a google.doc and a hard copy
    2. Make an excel for list of papers applied to and follow-ups
  2. I want a wedding day with my family and friends.
    1. August 9, 2015
  3. I want the girls to be in lessons.
    1. Mercy- horse
    2. Marley- Music
  4. I want my son on his career path.
    1. Graduating High School
    2. Getting a job
  5. I want to not owe my friends any money.
    1. Get a job
    2. Stick to excel budget and updates
  6. I want to be off welfare completely.
    1. Full-time job
    2. We’ll have to move
      1. Gov’t program for home ownership
    3. I want to publish at least one book.
      1. Finish book 1!
      2. Send to publishers
        1. Save money from job
      3. I want to own my home.
        1. Have a job for 1 solid year
        2. Look into every program and work with my credit union
      4. It can be wherever.
        1. Preferably Michigan,
        2. Possibly West
      5. I don’t care anymore.
      6. I want to be able to be in an organic environment,
        1. One where I feel natural being there.
      7. I want to recycle.
        1. Take responsibility for my environment
        2. Obey the Lord
      8. I want to feel like I belong in my skin,
        1. and my clothes.
          1. Exercise
          2. Cut the gluten
        2. To be as one with my world.
          1. Develop myself by being one with God.
            1. 20 minute meditations each morning
            2. 20 minutes prayer each day, afternoon
          2. Be an example of Godliness for my children
            1. Take them with me to volunteer
            2. Support them as they volunteer

2. Where I want it:

3. As whom, and how, I choose to live it:

  • Remind them of their responsibility to Jesus as Christians