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Meat Beat Manifesto

Meat Beat Manifesto


Yes, my darling followers, it has been a few moments since I last blogged you. I have a plan. It is a manifesto. It is the culmination of why jobs don’t last, and why they should. Well, for me anyways. I have a two year plan. Before that I have a one week plan. Every step of the plan, The M.B. Manifesto, is broken down into bite-size morsels. I have also included the motivation, reward, and result, of what I consider My Point. My best friend, Tanya, is the creator of the original outline. I just followed her lead. But I know that deep down, I will always feel out of place; like I’m completely wasting my time. I know that I’m supposed to have something do with writing. I have to write. It has to have anything to do with words.

I have three days to prepare for six days in Chicago. During those six days, I have to throw myself 100% into my writing. I can write a book. I can finish a couple of books. I can go the National Poetry Foundation. I can find random places and just write there. It feels weird to not be home for a week. At the same time, it will be such a cathartic, detoxifying experience. It can only make me a better, stronger, provider.

Let’s just say, where ever I was in the job market the last time we talked- that place didn’t work out.

When I come back from Chicago next weekend I will be ready to start my new career.

I’m not sure if I‘m ready to post The M.B. Manifesto of Kayla quite yet.