Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks


I must confess that I have avoided the truth from you, my compassionate audience. Things have been twisting and turning. I am so far from the goal line, I am on another field entirely. I may have auditioned for the opposing team. This is what being on welfare is like now.

I have abandoned all hopes for paid employment. I can get interviews, but after thirty to ninety days I am not working out. I have failed miserably at every job I have ever tried. The number of jobs I could keep up more than a few months, over the span of my entire life is four.

The Great Car Crash of ’94 is finally a reality. My neck/back/shoulders are trashed from whip-lash. My short-term memory is deplorable.

On a brighter note, I am married. I am married to a kind, smart, hardworking, honest, loyal, generous man. We are a lovely team.

I can’t work, but I can volunteer about 10-15 hours a week at my church. I can be a learning coach for my sixth grade daughter who attends school on-line.

I can’t work, but I can cook…usually.

I can’t work, but I can keep my house clean… most days.

This adventure before me is about to take a sharp turn. The exciting part is that I don’t know what will be waiting there.

The name of this ride is called Adventures With Jesus. I’m in the very first seat, and I won’t die here.