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Whu-whu- What?!?!

I bought milk from the local Mugg & Bopp’s service station on my way into church yesterday. I needed a couple of quarts of milk for the cafe.

When I got them back to the church, someone noticed the milk was spoiled. It curdled in the coffee. Aw, snap.

When I took them back I was harassed for wanting a refund on an EBT card. They were angry that I wouldn’t exchange my milk for another one.

Why do I want more spoiled milk?

“We can’t give you a refund because you didn’t spend real money. You used an EBT.”

I’ll just tell my husband that the half of his check the government keeps isn’t real money anyway.

Then I was called “stupid” for buying two containers of milk, when I could have just bought one that was larger. But, I needed milk for two different places?

The lady working at the Subway sandwich counter felt she was an authority figure who should  be involved. I never figured out why.

Then I had had all three of them circled around me, calling me names, glaring at me, and being mean.

I just wanted my money back for spoiled milk. But I used an EBT. I didn’t deserve it.

I am ashamed that I called the manager a rude name before I left.

That was my warm experience at Mugg & Bopp’s in Pinckney.

Gotta love class discrimination. But maybe I was dressed too nice. Maybe I should have been wearing pajama pants and talking on an I-phone. (I don’t even own a cell phone? What am I doing on welfare?)


I went to Dollar General to buy dog food and dish soap.

When I got to the counter, no one was around. I waited a minute and the cashier said, “Hold up! I’m coming!”

I told her not to worry. I wasn’t in a hurry.

Snafu. I didn’t have the bank card I thought I did. I was going to have be creative and combine some leftover amounts on other cards.

The line popped out like a daisy. There were suddenly ten people huffing loudly behind me.

So the lady called another cashier up to the register to handle the line, and very pleasantly helped me ring out.

I was sweet, but obviously embarrassed for holding up the line. She kept her cool and so did I.

Retail people: You hold my whole day in your hand. When you stay calm, I stay calm. When you get rude and frustrated, I get rude and frustrated. I’m an empath. I give what I’m getting. I think that goes for most people. I’ll do my part to be a compassionate customer, if you please remember that where I spend my money is how you get your paycheck. If there were no customers, you don’t have that job. I’ll be nicer if you will 🙂

Thank you Dollar General cashier for fixing my day by smiling at me.