Whiff of Huneysuckle

Whiff of Huneysuckle

Let the Adventure Continue

In order for this life of mine to be a true adventure, I must experience strange twist and weird turns. I am supposed to face them unafraid. I am taking a big leap of faith to do what I have been doing the past year. So far, I don’t know. That’s all I got. I’m closer to knowing something. I don’t even know exactly what I’m waiting to hear. I have not a clue when this life altering information will be delivered. I will sit quietly. I will type to you patiently. I pray A LOT.

The meanest judge in the county took my side in a case against an insurance company. Now I have to kick back and play victim until some strange group of people I have never met decide when and how much responsibility they will take for their legal commitment to me.

I was an insured driver at the time of the accident. I want my teeth back in my head the way they were before a steering wheel broke my jaw bone. I’m not suing for a bunch of money; just some teeth, and maybe a little neuro-rehab on the side to help jog my coping mechanisms. It’s mostly about the teeth though.

I was given a green flag to treat me at the pre-trial. For some funny reason, the insurance company will pay for everything but the dentist. The dental work will be decided in August, because that is their deadline to respond to a settlement.

Everything but dental? Really? So I wait. The companies to whom we owe monies to are not nearly as patient as I. I’m praying though. When all of this works out, and we didn’t end up going under, I’ll tell you again- I’m God’s favorite.