June began with the end.


It was the end of a successful fourth grade, and an accomplished sixth grade school year.

Then it was sweet home to Alabama time. My mother made the effort to drive all the way up to Michigan to gather up me and the girls up; and then she drove us all the way back to Alabama. It was an exquisite experience. Marley and Mercy had never been on a cross-country trip like that before. We meandered through the great, ancient Appalachian Mountains. We saw Kentucky Walker’s, Nashville, and plantations. I promised us all we would someday attend a Kentucky Derby. We would wear our biggest hats, and drink mint juleps under the canopy of our parasols.

While we were there, my parents embedded within us a unique experience. We explored trails and neighborhoods, waterfalls, and animal habitats . We wandered among twenty tiger’s, five lions, and a variety of other cats that are physically perfect in every way. Over the course of the week we strolled past animated dinosaurs, prehistoric Alabama, and stuffed elk.

We helped my mom landscape her front yard.

When we came back home to newborn kittens that still required our constant care for survival. Poor Sean had cared for them all alone while we were away, like a feline wet nurse, while he also worked every day at the pizza shop. He laid on the floor with them at night so they could reach their food and litter, and still lay next to him when they slept. My husband has an astonishing heart.

Mercy only brought up her missing birthday presents if she asked about the settlement check. There isn’t a materialistic cell in the marrow of her entire body.

I went to court to find out that I was now waiting for a third party to decide upon my settlement. My attorney advised me to begin seeing dentist and neurological therapist because we could submit the claims to State Farm. I was thrilled. I asked my physician to recommend a good oral surgeon. She also referred me to a neurological health clinic to help me evaluate my head injury and learn coping mechanisms.

Marley planned her twelfth birthday party with her best friends.

In the meantime, we had to be ready for a Section 8 Housing Inspection. In two weeks a person would come to our home and verify that the house was up to legal living standards. Smoke alarms, working faucets and appliances, that sort of thing. I cleaned every corner , and every spot was spotless.

When the inspector arrived two weeks later, he examined our abode very thoroughly. He even checked the windows to verify that they would stay open on their own. The windows in my house did not; which is a housing code violation. The posts on the stair rails were all broken off, and nails stuck up out of the floor where the carpet met the tile. These were all things that I had asked to be repaired when I moved in seven years ago and they never were. A letter was sent to the property owners. It explained that rent would be withheld if the repairs were not finished within the two weeks.

The property janitor kept his prior commitment to a vacation instead of finishing code violations in my home. Repairs were not done. Re-inspection was had.  D&D Realty failed again. This could get interesting.

At least my settlement money will be here.