henna girl chains

The painted lady

Since May. Since all this domestic and legalistic drama began. Since the last time I felt safe in my home with my family. Since the last time we had all the bills caught up. Since the money crisis was only short term. Since before all of that.

May was the month of getting life all wrapped up in a tidy bow.School years were ending. Summer vacations were beginning. There would be the girls’ birthdays, as well as Spike and Ambrose ‘s homecoming. Life was a matter of waiting for settlement offers to come. Mercy conceded her birthday present on her  birthday to wait until my settlement money came so I could get her something really cool. It took every penny we had to cover rent, electric, car payment, and car insurance. But we did it, barely. The only thing left to do was prepare for our splendid vacation in Alabama with my parents.

May is a time for bicycles and backyards. It’s the time of year when the gas bill has finally lightened up. It is Spring, and Spring represents the rebirth.

What if what is born does not live? What if what comes to life is something dark, and ugly? What then? Do we celebrate it as if it were any other season come into creation? If you are a Donaldson, you look the beast in the eye, put a leash on it and make it your lap dog.

Nothing has been the same since May.