The Scream

Are you kidding me?

Section 8 wouldn’t pay rent for the 2 weeks they blew off doing repairs.

Now Remax Real Estate, formerly D&D Realty, is taking me to court. I am being sued and evicted over this nonsense?

So, at the end of the month I went to court.

I showed that I am actually paid a month ahead in rent, through August.

My attorney claimed I was a shoe-in.

Their attorney was hostile and weird.The property janitor did his best to play dumb. That means he knew that what was happening was wrong because he said he wanted no affiliation with the outcome.

Their attorney lied to the judge on several accounts.

D&D Realty insisted on going to court, much to the bafflement of my attorney.

On a positive note, Marley’s birthday party went off without a hitch. She just wanted a couple of friends over and a custom cake. She is so easy to please. Sometimes I know that she wants bigger things, but doesn’t want to hurt my feelings by asking. She knows we’re too broke for big things. So she makes herself happy with what we can have. She is blessed person, and I am humbled to know her. The time will come soon when I can reward these amazing children.

I got my settlement offer. I just have to wait for State Farm to accept it and I can get us out of this mess.