I have no idea how in the heck I’m going to pull this off. I just know I will because I always do.

I lost my pills in the move. My entire body started going through withdrawal. I was constantly nauseous. I developed vertigo.

Sometimes I would have a few lucid hours. It was these times that my daughters and I would go exploring. We would find a new place to eat out every day. We had coffee dates at the local coffee house. We would browse strip malls, and take the long way back from everywhere.

Marley was working away on my laptop. Mercy was doing all of the hand written assignment I could throw at her. The best part is, I could only find one of Marley’s school books. She was being homeschooled on-line through K-12. Mercy was without a school until we found a place to live.

My son was fine. The cats needed cat things. My dog injured her hip. We left the fish behind in the apartment because we had nowhere to take him and the tank couldn’t fit in the car.

I eventually was able to purchase more pills and I felt better. About that time, I was offered a two bedroom house. I just had to wait for the bloke who was still living there to move out next week. Hooray!

My husband, Sean, developed kidney stones; three to be exact. He lay in a camper agonizing for days all alone.

It stopped working out at my relatives house. I was sad to go. We were given a gracious invitation to stay with other relatives out of state. It was great being there. We went for long drives every day. We explored parks, and bridges, and Amish festivals. It was a nice girly, soft, fluffy bedroom, too. We were very blessed.

My husband and I spent our first anniversary in different states.

After a week, I realized that I was hemorrhaging money because I wasn’t making any anymore. My husband hadn’t been able to work for a few days. He needed me to come back and find a way to hustle up something. He had the car.

A friend of mine graciously offered to share her space with us. She made it the best week of our life. We went out to eat at the Golden Harvest diner. It was the coolest most eclectic place ever. People had been trying to introduce my daughter to the owner’s daughter for years. They both had colored mohawks while still in diapers. The wife of the team and I swapped stories of the famous musicians that our kids had met. It was the coolest breakfast EVER.

She took us to a mid-eastern restaurant so the girls could experience new cultures of food. She took them shopping in a Chinese market. They made hummus from scratch. The girls and I went to the blues festival in Old Town. We took the public bus. We explored all of old town. We ate food we had never seen before. We listened to blues. Finding the bus home was much harder though. We ended up walking back in the middle of the night. Along the way, we hopped off Grand River a couple of blocks and visited an old friend. We continued our journey with gusto. Something about walking the city streets at night has always felt magical to me. We stopped at a pizza place, bought a pizza, and ate it as we walked the rest of the way back to our friends house for the night. It was another incredible memory.

We miss our church though. The guy still hasn’t moved out of that house yet, and I have no idea how to get out of this situation. The stay here can only be short term. The settlement has been decided. I just have to wait for it to get here.

In the meantime, I think the girls and I should move into where my husband is staying. I want to be closer to my son, too. The kittens are staying with a friend anyway.

So, we packed up and headed back to Pinckney(ish). It was a snug fit, Marley stayed on her schoolwork. Mercy stayed out of trouble. I stayed in the camper.

Eventually, the old tenant left, and I gathered up my entire family and put us under one roof.

Because that’s how this mama does it.

We were going to survive. The settlement had been decided. Any minute now I should be finding out an exact disbursement date. The judge said it would be an open shut case.

Any minute now…