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Today was an okay day. I kept it together. I organized a corner of a room. I got the girls to laugh over something silly. I had several hours all unto myself. It felt like a test. I called my attorney who revealed that it will take at least a year to begin the legal process. He said that it is not unprecedented for people who are guilty of crimes to wait for a year or so before being charged. So, I let go of that hot coal.

I used the time to call the two people I should always call the most- my best friend, and my mom.

I let the disparagement of the case float off and away like incense smoke through a window screen. First, there is a lingering perfume. Then it fades from the air around us and into our olfactory memory banks. In place of anguish, I now have room for peace in my aura. I feel it deep in my soul. It is embedded in me deep as dandelion roots. Like a dandelion, I will keep coming back to reach my sun. I can be chopped down a hundred times and I will always grow back. Deep inside, I am full of wishes.

I feel him with me now. I feel his embrace of warm energy surrounding me. It comforts me. Thank you for all of your prayers.