Articles I Wrote on the Subject


2 thoughts on “Articles I Wrote on the Subject”

  1. Love Experience

    Every experience ever is unique and
    Impossible to repeat

    People say to live for the now ….
    The past you can’t change
    The future you can’t predict

    But without measuring your experiences from the past how do you behave in the now to try and secure a future that’s self actualizing

    I’m living in the now by choosing to do now what I enjoyed so much in past.

    If I lived in the now without measuring against past experiences and with no speculation of how “now” affects my future then now would be innate with no moral ideas or sense of consequence

    Because we recognize time and its passing we recognize what it feels to be loved because of how it’s made us feel in the past but only because of reflection

    Commitment anticipates future existence and reflection is the means of commitment’s existence
    Now is never because now has passed

    Live now for what you loved in the past without disregard for what the future could hold, just do so gracefully

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    • What if, I love all of you
      You specifically
      And all of you

      But there is one of me
      For all of you
      What I do for you
      Is for me too

      But for all of you
      I’d love to do
      What I do for you

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